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Two Guys & a Goalie

Jan 23, 2023

It's Episode 281 of 2 Guys and a Goalie presented by Coolbet Canada with Dustin Nielson, Matt Kassian and Joaquin Gage!

The episode starts with a weekend recap and some curling stories including Gager playing in a bonspiel while wearing jeans, a leather jacket, a tie and Chuck Taylors.

The boys dive into the Oilers six game winning streak and Kass and Gager get into a great back and forth on how ALL-IN the Oilers need to be right now. How as Desharnais made the other bluelines on the right side better for the Oil. The guys also take a look at how the Canucks have become the biggest joke in the league and how they actually turn things around?

Before the episode wraps, Dusty explains how his wife is refusing to support him in his musical ventures!