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Two Guys & a Goalie

Feb 2, 2023

It's Episode 283 of 2 Guys and a Goalie presented by Coolbet Canada with Dustin Nielson, Matt Kassian and Joaquin Gage!

For a quiet time on the ice this is a jam packed episode for the boys! They start with some thoughts on which Canadian team needs to make the biggest impact deal prior to the deadline and what are the chances that Puljujarvi is an Oiler after the deadline, Gage with a great plan for getting the most out of JP! 

The guys talking about the bedlam around Bedard in WHL markets right now which leads to a surprising development in the relationship of Dusty and Joaquin! The boys come up with a plan to fix TV ratings in the US and talk about Brad Marchand's twitter rampage this week!